We accept all insurances. We also file claims for you, and work with your insurance to help you maximize your benefits. If you wish to know more about our views when it comes to insurance in dentistry, read on...

Most people do not know about the real benefits of going out of network (while still utilizing your insurance) when seeing a dentist. Some don't even know that they can choose to go this route. Here is an example from a dentist's perspective to help explain: If you are a skilled dentist, you can build up your clientele  simply through hard work and reputation (word of mouth and referrals).  Your patients benefit from your skillset, and as the dentist, you can set whatever appropriate fee schedule for your business that you choose. On the other hand, if you are a poor (unskilled) dentist who is unable to build up a patient-base naturally, you can gain instant patients for your practice by simply signing with one (or many) insurance companies. These companies will ensure that your schedule is full, however, they will force you to follow THEIR fee schedule (and you will therefore charge substantially less). What this means for the unskilled dentist is that in order to earn a living (and meet their practice overhead), they MUST see MANY MORE patients.  An already less-gifted dentist who is forced to rush their work often is a recipe for disaster. But unfortunately, when an insurance company dictates that you must slash 20-30% (or more) off what you would normally charge, then you MUST become a high-volume practice (which leads to rushed patients, rushed procedures, missed diagnoses, late appointments, etc). 

 The truth is that there are many dental plans out there that DO NOT punish their patients for going out of network.  For those who are fortunate enough to enjoy such a plan, they should jump at the opportunity to see a dentist who built up their practice naturally.  These patients usually find that they owe very little (or nothing) after checkup visits, and only a small difference after a filling...and they get all of the benefits mentioned above.  

If you don't know what kind of plan you have, or want to know if you would be a good fit for our practice, we recommend simply making an initial exam appointment with us. This is because these preventative appointments are very likely to be covered at (or near 100%) regardless of the plan's in vs. out-of-network coverage (leaving you with minimal to zero out-of-pocket expense). Once the initial exam is complete and we have an idea of what treatment is needed (if any), we can then submit your treatment plan to  your insurance to determine how well it will be covered. If it is adequately covered, that's fantastic (and we will be excited to continue working with you)!  In the small chance that your plan doesn't work as well out-of-network, at least you have received a quality exam, cleaning, and treatment plan.  We completely understand if you feel you must leave us to stay in-network, however, we will not be surprised if we see you again  (patients have often returned once they've seen the difference).

If you wish to know more about how insurance works, and how it may affect you, both positively and negatively, feel free to enjoy Dr. B's article here: (coming soon)