Zoom whitening is a great solution for patients who want to see a dramatically brighter smile in the mirror.  While in-office treatments are amazing, we offer a product with significant advantages over those types of treatments.  

We fabricate custom take-home trays (to wear with a Zoom whitening gel), that yields the same result as in-office Zoom, but in the convenience of your own home.  The only downside with our product is that it takes several weeks to achieve a level of whitening, instead of one long dental office visit.  Another benefit, though, is that there is less overall sensitivity with the take-home treatment versus in-office.  

The largest upside to take-home trays, however, is the ability for patients to continue to use their trays for years.  Even after whitening, teeth will stain again over time, however, with the take-home trays in hand, a quick touch up is all that a patient needs, and their teeth are white again.  This way, touchups can be done for years by simply purchasing additional Zoom gel only.  Additionally, our take-home product puts patients in control of their owned desired level of tooth whiteness. Brighter teeth (even more so than in-office Zoom) can be easily achieved by simply wearing their trays more often at home.  Take-home Zoom whitening trays are simply amazing, with too many advantages to ignore.