"All-on-4" Brand Implants

All-On-Four implant restorations are a premiere avenue for replacement of an upper or lower arch (or an entire mouthful) of missing or highly decayed teeth.  While expensive, for those who can afford it, all-on-four offers a way to start over with a new amazing smile (and one that cannot decay, is functional, permanent, and beautiful).  

Our product is very similar to that offered by Clear Choice (including the price), but with one huge difference: When Clear Choice has completed treatment with you, they are not going to continue to follow up and help you become comfortable with your new teeth, nor will they resolve concerns that you may have weeks or months later.  Our version of All-on-four uses local surgeons and dental artists to give you a new smile second to none, AND, we continue to follow up with you after you receive your new teeth to ensure your satisfaction.  This procedure, perhaps more than any other, has the potential to be the most life-changing.  Quite simply, it is an awesome thing to watch a patient go from badly decayed or missing teeth everywhere, to having an amazing functional smile overnight.  It never gets old.