Often overlooked, exams are arguably the most important part of a check-up appointment.  When decay goes undiagnosed (or untreated) for years, it will often lead to pain, infection, root canals, and tooth loss.  Similarly, when old fillings are leaking, have recurrent decay around them, or are causing teeth to crack (usually amalgams), they need to be replaced. Doing so usually helps avoid painful and costly procedures that are very likely when left untreated.  Taking care of decay and failed fillings early is how you keep teeth healthy for life.

If it’s your first time with us, we will take a few extra minutes to document your current oral condition, take valuable intra-oral pictures, and formulate a treatment plan designed to keep you in good dental health for years to come.   We also will take time to discuss all of the above, and answer any questions of concerns you may have.