Exams and Cleanings

When you schedule for a cleaning and exam, you can be assured that your visit will be one that your teeth will appreciate!  These appointments always begin with a thorough examination. These are obviously super important!  When decay goes undiagnosed (or untreated) for years, it will often lead to pain, infection, root canals, and tooth loss.  If it’s your first time with us, we will take some extra time to document your current condition, take valuable intra-oral pictures  (sometimes also taken at routine check-ups when needed), and formulate a treatment plan meant to keep you in good dental health for years to come. 


X-ray films are important to take and review periodically. This is especially true when considering that cavities often form in-between teeth (where a dentist cannot see them during an exam).  Additionally, a panoramic film should be taken once every 5 years.  This film offers a great overall view that is often referred to over the years.  It also allows the dentist to see if there are any infections, or other abnormalities present deep in the jaw or sinus areas (where no other films can reach)    

Fluoride treatments and sealants are small simple procedures that will benefit certain patients.  They are only recommended when it is appropriate.  

A cleaning (prophy) and polish will complete the visit.  There are three big benefits of having your teeth cleaned professionally.  First, during the removal of plaque buildup, the dentist may uncover unseen decay that was not visible during the exam.  Secondly, the dentist will have the opportunity to educate you in the areas where plaque seems to be a bigger problem.  This leads to improved home-care, and decreased cavities down the road.  Lastly, most patients accumulate tartar (calculus) between cleanings.  Removal of these mineral-like deposits cannot be done by a patient.  Left unchecked for years, it will often lead to bone loss around teeth, and eventually, premature tooth loss due to periodontitis.   

There isn’t a lot of fluff when it comes to routine check-ups.  And…those who make a habit of doing them every 6 months tend to have great teeth, and keep them for life.