Why Choose Us

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Our ability to fit emergencies into our schedule quickly. We pride ourselves on helping you when a problem arises.  Use Facebook Messenger to reach us after-hours. 

You aren't a number, and won't be treated as such. You won't be zipped in and out in 15 minutes.  This is because we are NOT a high-volume practice (and we love it that way)!

Our doctor grew up here. Dr. Butterfield is not a transplant.  He loves his home in the Shenandoah Valley and the people here.  Dr. B grew up just down the road in Stephens City and attended Aylor, James Wood, and Sherando.  The Valley has always been home! 

We are family owned and operated. In other words, we are not a chain. If you have ever previously been to one of those offices, you will see an immediate difference.

Our doctor has 20 years experience. Well, almost.  19 amazing years so far...

Our doctor has gained invaluable experience through thousands of hours serving locally in regional jails. Dr. Butterfield DOES practice dentistry five days a week.  When our office is closed on Fridays (and every other Thursday), he is at one of five jails that he works at,  relieving inmates of pain and infection.  Serving in these jails means seeing approximately 125 incarcerated patients every month, most of whom are in need of extractions.  Through these clinics, Dr. Butterfield has gained an immense amount of experience in helping people relieve their dental pain.

We see all ages. We are a family practice,  and see everyone, from 1 to 121 (Okay... if you're 122 years-old, we'll see you too). 

We rarely need to refer procedures out. It can be frustrating to be sent to one practice after another to get work done. When it comes to teeth, we can do just about anything that a patient could ever need, in-house.

We have an amazing and friendly staff. Umm...yeah. We don't mind bragging about this one!!  Heather, Susan, and Cindi are the best you'll ever find!  Helpful, kind, friendly. From the moment you walk in, you will feel at home chatting and laughing with these amazing, wonderful, women.

We work one on one with you and your schedule. We really do all we can to make schedules work.

We understand that you are a person, not just a bunch of teeth. Some dentists forget that there is a person attached to those teeth...you know...with actual lives outside of dentistry. We know that people may have concerns that could keep them from achieving the smile they really want. Anxiety, finances, illness, home life, work schedule, and more.  These are the hurdles that can get in the way. There is no judgement here.  Instead, we are here to help you clear these hurdles in whatever capacity we can. Treatment options that are presented to you are always done while keeping you, as a person (not just a bunch of teeth), in mind.

We have a rich Strasburg history. No other practice can say that they have been serving Strasburg and the surrounding area for over 70 years! We are proud of this fact, and feel a strong bond with our community in this way. 

State of the art equipment - When the torch was passed from Dr. Gerometta to Dr. Butterfield  in January of 2021, an already amazing practice was updated further. State of the art, cloud-based, dental software makes the functionality of our dental practice run smoothly; it also ensures that your records are safe, secure, and private. 3D imaging (CT) technology capability exists within our panorex unit. And of course, we heavily utilize (and love) our intra-oral camera (and think you will too)!

It's not crowded - Since we are not a high-volume practice, we don't have to push herds of people through our doors. We love the calm atmosphere here.

Small town feel - It's a small-town feel here, because it IS a small town, and we LOVE that!  No use in trying to be something you're not.  We're not a dental "spa", but that doesn't mean you don't get high quality, comfortable care.  At Butterfield Family Dentistry, you'll find a laid back, small-town atmosphere where people know how to get the job done, but enjoy catching up with you too!

One stop dental Care - Time is a valuable thing, so we are very rarely behind schedule.  We DO, however, take all the necessary time with you to ensure that your questions are answered, and that appropriate plans are set (with you behind the driver's seat). 

Respect your time - Time is a valuable thing, so we are very rarely behind schedule. We DO, however, take all the necessary time with you to ensure that your questions are answered, and that appropriate treatment plans are made

Keep you in the loop - Using high resolution intra-oral photography, our patients get to see with their own eyes what is happening in their mouths. During your first visit, we use this technology to take a close look at each tooth. This is done at no additional cost to you.  Often, we can see within these pictures, obvious cavities, cracks, or old defective fillings that would not be obvious to the naked eye.  Dr. Butterfield also takes intra-oral pictures before, midway, and at the end of most procedures, (again, at no cost).  In this way, patients can see (if they wish to) EXACTLY what was done, and how their tooth turned out.  Having photo documentation on individual teeth can (and often does) prove to be valuable in the future.  If a tooth decides to break or become symptomatic months or years down the road, seeing it is journey through pictures is incredibly helpful.   Check out our "Mechanic" article here: Blog