Intra-oral Camera

The use of high resolution intra-oral photography in dentistry is truly exciting, despite the fact that most dentists still don't use this technology (or severely underuse it).  The benefits of using an i/o camera are many, but it starts with being able to see things that the naked eye cannot. That doesn't necessarily mean we are searching out tiny problems... what it means is that deep within the dark recesses of the mouth are areas that are just plain tough to see, and use of a camera solves this issue.  The task of doing a thorough exam becomes easier, quicker, more efficient, and more effective.   

Use of a camera allows our patients to see for themselves what is happening in their mouth. They don't have to wonder if there is really a problem in a particular tooth or not.  They can see for themselves.  Dr. Butterfield often uses Intra-oral photography before, mid-way, and at the end of each procedure.  In this way, patients also get to see "before and after" pictures, as well.  

The benefits don't end there. Having documentation on individual teeth has proven to be extremely valuable over time. If a tooth becomes symptomatic or damaged in the future, seeing it's journey through pictures can be incredible helpful.  For example, when a documented tooth with a very deep filling begins to be symptomatic months or years down the road, consulting with the pictures taken offers insights not available anywhere else.  Dr. Butterfield will often review older pictures just prior to a checkup exam.  This allows him to visualize if areas of concern are remaining the same, or are becoming worse.

The benefits of truly utilizing intra-oral photography is one that would be very difficult to find elsewhere, and it all comes free of charge.

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